The new standard
in shipping

Helping improve their digital products. During the project I worked on their design team helping improve UX and creating more consistancy between their digital products.
Project image
Project image

Project goal

Improve the digital products of and create consistency between them by designing and building a design system and new brand guidelines.


UI & UX Designer


Wireframing, User testing, Interaction design, Visual design

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Defining the
target audience

Together with the stakeholders we created 6 personas based on the customers. We described their skills, behavoiurs, and goals to get a better understanding of their target audience.

Project preview image
Project preview image

Redesigning core components

We revamped a lot of components within the product. One of the elemets was the carrier cards that users use to select their shipping service and carrier.

Creating a
design system

As lead designer I setup a design system for the product team to work with. Creating different base elements such as: buttons, tables, and layouts. All these elements were synced through everyone's projects to maintain consistency.

Project preview image

Visual design
& prototype

All the visual designs we made where tested with the stakeholders as clickable prototypes using Invision.
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