Redesigning the
Parkline Aqua app

Creating the new Park-line Aqua mobile web-application. With Park-line Aqua users can plug into many power & water supply points in the Netherlands, quickly and easily.

Project goal

Enable the Parkline users to start a transaction of water, electricity, and mooring within just a few simple steps. Furthermore, the administration of Parkline needed a way to administrate the users & companies connected within the application.


UI & UX Designer


User flows, Wireframing, User testing, Interaction design, Visual design

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Creating flow charts with stakeholders

User flows helped us and the stakeholders get a better idea about the Park-line aqua product. This was done in a co-creation.

Project preview image


We co-created wireframes to test & validate the different functionality that should be part of the Park-line application. Furthermore, the wireframes gave the stakeholders a better impression about how the application would work and what functionality would be part of the first version.

Visual design

Using light grey tones and bright contrast colors makes it uncomplicated for the user to navigate the application.
Parkline aqua screen
Parkline aqua screen
Parkline aqua screen