Building a design
that scales

After the first launch of the Secrid global website in 2017 it was time to advance Secrid digitaly and take it to the next level. Together we started thinking on how to improve the current website and offer a better experience to Secrid's customers around the world.
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Project goal

Create more scalability with the website and implement a design system that makes it easier to create new features and content. In the meantime, optimizing the user experience by increasing performance.




Animation, Front-end design system.

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Project image
Project image

Fluid components

The combination of Secrid’s slogan, a better world starts in your pocket, and the high usage of mobile users on the website made it very important that we developed the Secrid business to consumer website mobile first. All the components created are scalable for multiple screen sizes.

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We developed the website with a retail first vision. Always giving the consumer the option to get the product in a store close by.